Accusing people in weakness

This rather short post is inspired by behavior of familiar people.

Many of our associates refuse to make hard decisions. Their lack of bravery leads to incomplete businesses, delayed surgery, not restored relationships. We realize their behavior is wrong and dangerous for themselves, but the question is: do we have a right to accuse people in being weak?

I’d say no.
Weakness is a normal condition of human mind. Like darkness is a default condition until light is brought. Do we blame space for absence of light? It’s ridiculous. The same is with people. Nobody gave us a right to condemn others for not being strong.

A real strength of will is a rare thing. Several factors should coincide: genes, fostering, friends, teachers, critical events during the life, independence at last. If something is missed, the person will only pretend to be capable of making hard decisions and blame others for their weakness.

However, other actions (or inaction) deserve to be judged: treachery, corruption, rudeness, greed…
Stupidity? I have no answer yet.



Happiness is an ethereal substance. We hear this word very often, but only few people really touch its essence. Many Russians determine happiness as an absence of disaster. I don’t share this attitude. I suppose, negative determination doesn’t make any sense. It’s like an old anecdote:

A Georgian is asked to explain what a peach is:
– Are you familiar with oranges? Well, peaches have nothing common!

Another people begin to list generic components of ordinary person’s happiness: a family, a house, a car, plenty of money, successful career, health at last. They are so boring that I’m sick of them. Not sure, if these values were forced or people just too lazy to think over their own life.
Anyway, most people around me perceive happiness as something standing very far away either in distance or in time. Their mistake is in taking happiness as a perfect condition of already mentioned things. But perfect family, health and any other thing are impossible. And after achieving one them, people are unsatisfied and disappointed. At the end of life they say that they spent entire life chasing happiness and never caught it, because something was always preventing.
Perhaps, it’s called “middle age crisis”, it doesn’t matter. Anyway, the approach is wrong.

Happiness is concealed in simple things.
They say, you begin to appreciate things only when they are gone. Just imagine yourself being unable to breath. Then come to window at night, open it and make a conscious deep breath. Or wash your dusty face with clean water. Or have a cup of tasty tea. Catch the moment and realize happiness. That’s it.

Next step is learning to compare your today’s condition with yesterday’s. No body parts are ill? Weather is better? You woke up fresh? Someone smiled you? Convert all of it to your own happiness.

Another lifehack is to have no expectations toward people and items. Neither good nor bad. Yes, people are imperfect and disappointing, but learn to forgive them. For your own tranquility.
Your purchases may also strike in your heart. For instance, recently I’ve bought a PC for $1250. It turned out defective. Did I become upset? No. Because I expected nothing. I was already prepared for broken PC and it protected my nerves and mood.

Of course, bad things happen and you cannot avoid many of them. How to perceive them? If something happens, I tell myself: “This is a good story for my recollections” and try to overcome it with inspiration. Another way is to take bad things as a source of tomorrow’s happiness via comparison.

Soft drinks: part two

This is a continuation of previous post, and I divided it for a reason. Now I’ll tell my personal opinion on soft drinks.

Indeed, nowadays many people prefer coffee to tea for its stimulating effect. And I’m concerned about it. This isn’t a decent thing to copy from West. Not coffee itself, but a tradition to drink gallons of it. America is especially terrifying at it.

You know, anything you do, creates a mental addiction. It’s human nature.
If you forget your cell phone at home and don’t even expect any calls, you’ll still be uncomfortable.
Same thing with your favourite web-sites, clothes, relationships. These things are unnecessary for your body surviving, but their lack makes your worry. It’s absolutely normal, until you come across much worse things. Like those, which ruin your body and often create physical addiction. Smoking, for example. There’s nothing more to elaborate about cigarettes; they are poisonous for a body.

You may be unaware, but big amounts of coffee are harmful too. They make your heart overwork, and you’ll die earlier, because heart is the only organ that never rests. If you regularly have coffee, you’ll consequently have sleep problems. Then you’ll begin to take soporifics, which also destroy your body, as any medicine. Generally speaking, I wonder how easy Westerners take different medicines like antidepressants or already mentioned sleep drugs. Don’t you realize they have side effects? Any remedy has.

Too bad, American culture shows coffee as a regular drink, which confuses people. And they drink a cup every two hours. Same tradition rises in Russia. Majority of clerks is unable to wake up without a cup. People become dependent on it. And dependency on something artificial cannot be good.

Another bane is Coke. I don’t understand any reason to drink it. Coke won’t satisfy your thirst. And it could be hardly considered tasty. This acid even erodes iron, let alone your stomach. The only thing you get with every sip is one step closer to diabetes. And, yes, Coke is a stimulator too, it causes physical addiction.

amounts of sugar in Coke

Never depending on any stimulators is my life rule. Hope, this disaster will skip over Russia.