My name is Sergei and I’m a citizen of Russian Federation.

No doubt, Russia is one of the most mysterious and contradictory countries over the World. Even for me, let alone foreigners.

I run this blog to analyze and formalize Russia and Russians, which makes them clearer to understand for foreigners and myself. Besides, writing is useful for training my English. Therefore, I’m glad to see your corrections of my mistakes.

For the beginning, I’d like to notice that I manage blog solely, therefore I’m subjective. I aspire to be rational in my judging, but human nature makes it impossible to have totally independent attitude. In many cases I do not share a viewpoint of Russian majority, but I always mention it. Furthermore, I drastically differ from ordinary citizen of my country at least by knowledge of foreign language, which significantly alters view of the World.

Also, it’s important to notice that this blog is not about political issues. I don’t support current Kremlin’s course and don’t want to discuss it. If you are outraged by Russia’s foreign policy, then I apologize. Now political issues topic is closed.


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