Day to day life in Russia and emigration

What is day to day life like in Russia?

Despite your imagination may create snow hills up to the 3rd floor and stray bears in the streets, actual Russian daily routine doesn’t significantly differ from Western life style.

Since Moscow is the only good place for making money, it’s terribly overpopulated and people have to wake up very early to reach their workplaces in time. One-way road may take up to 2 hours. This includes sub-urban train, car-driving from railway station to subway, subway itself and finally afoot stroll. Double salary in comparison to provinces compensates these tortures.

State offices usually work since 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Private – with 1 hour forward shift. Stores open at 11 a.m. and close at 8-9 p.m. Most jobs provide 30-60 minutes for a lunch break.

After a work people return home to make a dinner (they don’t visit restaurants often). Then they have free time and spending it depends on a person. Some play with kids, others have a beer in front of TV.

Friday is considered as a drinking day among clerks and laborers. Since they don’t need to wake up early on the next day, they can afford having alcohol in the evening. They gather up in companies and go to bar or stay at someone’s home.

Saturday and Sunday are days for family business. It could be a barbecue in recreation, dacha, cleanup or whatever.

an_ordinary_dayhow other countries see Russia

What are Russians’ favorite countries?

The most popular countries for vacation are Turkey, Egypt and Thailand because of the best ratio of price to quality. These countries fit good if you want to have sunbathes at a sea, proper service and nothing more.

For traveling Russians prefer Europe due to its nearness and rich cultural legacy. I suppose, France and Italy are one of the first in any traveler’s list.
North America and Asia are less popular, while South America, Africa and Australia are almost forgotten.

Do many Russians want to leave their country or are they happy where they are?

The majority of Russians have never crossed USSR’s borders. Since they’ve never seen any examples of another life, they are fine in Russia. I don’t mean Russia is bad or worse than other countries, I want to say, most people just don’t reach the point of comparison and selection.

Some Russians believe that West countries are way better and aspire to leave Russia. Eventually they fulfill their dream and get citizenship in a foreign state. Then they begin to show off with their brand new life in an “elite” country, but start to cry and complain after the 3rd shot of vodka IRL. Of course, some are happy abroad, but in my opinion, the country will be alien for them forever and they’ll be the 2nd class people.

i_wanna_leavepiglet Pyotr (Peter), the symbol of Russian emigration



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