Memory and immortality

Hello, readers!
Sorry for no updates during the last couple of weeks. I took a vacation and didn’t attend at work, where I usually write posts.
As always, I’ll be glad to see your replies, questions and suggestions for new posts.

Today I’d like to share my thoughts on memory and immortality. How are these two related? You’ll find out below.

According to wisdom I’ve got during my relatively short life, the only eternal things are memories. Everything dissolves: people and relationships, youth and health, money and hobbies. All except memories.These are your only treasures in old age. Sometimes you’ll be able nothing but recalling things from your past. That’s why you must obtain as much impressions as possible. They are the only true things in life. Only they worth your money and time to be spent on.
Impressions could be either positive or negative, it’s not that significant. The difference is that later you’ll recall bad memories as a challenge that you’ve managed to overcome.
Life is all about experience and impressions. They say, the worst possible thing in old age is a situation when you cannot recall memories or have nothing to recall or regret your entire life.

In my case I’m not very lucky in this field. First of all, I don’t like to travel. I’ve visited several countries in childhood and since that days I prefer to stay at home. So, I have much less impressions than other people. Nevertheless, it was said: wherever you travel, you always remain in the same plane – in the plane of yourself.
The second thing is my poor memory. At least, I think so. Well, it’s not sick. I suppose a doctor would say it’s a lower border of normality. Whatever. The only thing I know is that I forget things from my past. Either important or not. And it’s a pity, because it feels like a stolen item that you cannot retrieve. It was there and just disappeared. Wait, was it? Damn…
I don’t remember the most part of my life, entire years. My life isn’t that vivid, though. The first thought of myself that I keep is from age of 6 or so. Then I remember several scenes, perhaps 1 or 2 per year.
This is pretty sad, but it taught me to appreciate every emotion, impression and experience.

Finally we approach to immortality. Almost every person wants to live forever at least because of instinct of surviving. People are deathly afraid of death.
Mankind was searching for immortality as long as it exists, but they mistook it. When you attempt to save yourself for eternity, you focus on word “eternity” instead of word “yourself”. The truth is that no matter what technology you pick, you’ll alter yourself. Perception changes with age. Senior people perceive world in other way. It’s much faster for them and more boring. Once my 93 y.o. grand-grand-mother was asked: “How do you feel this world?” She replied: “I’ve seen everything, now it only repeats again and again”. She meant people’s life, their decisions, relationships, births and deaths. And such changes cannot be explained as a physical process like blocked vessels. As I said, consciousness alters with years. Mind becomes dumb and slow. Do you want to save THIS for eternity? A vegetable brain? No way.
Thus you have to save your personality and memories from you best age. And you don’t need a brand new 9000 Tb HDD for this. All you need is a book or any other tool for expressing yourself. Write down who you are, what principles do you have, what have you achieved, how do you perceive the world. And of course, describe your current impressions. This book will be a true copy of yourself. Anyone who opens it will find true You with clear mind and bright memories.

I believe, the greatest invention of mankind was neither fire nor a wheel, but a book and scripting, because it’s the only true and best way for becoming immortal. A book allowed people to live for thousands of years and it’s marvelous.


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