Gopniks and squatting

Gopniks are Russian street criminals. They’re 14-22 y.o. males from troubled families. Gopniks are bold, cruel and reckless. They gather themselves in 3-5 people mobs and rob passing people. Usually they stop a man and begin a harsh talk to find a reason for beating him. They always pick a weak target and outnumber their victims.
Gopniks were widespread in 80’s and 90’s. Nowadays they still exist, but much less. Generally they inhabit outskirts or industrial blocks.


Gopniks have a distinct dress-code. They wear a cheap sport-suit, a leather cap and pointy leather shoes. Also they carry a purse and beads. Gopniks feed on beer and sunflower seeds. They constantly smoke and spit. If they stop at a park bench, they’ll spoil it in 15 minutes by dropping shells of seeds and cigarette stubs and spitting on everything around.


Gopniks adore to squat. The reason of this custom lies pretty deep. As I aready said, gopniks are minor outlaws and they admire there “more successfull” relatives, who spend time in jail or just leaved it. Therefore gopniks aspire to copy behavior of prisoners without realizing what stands behind them.
Russian prisoners often squat for two reasons: prison rooms are overpopulated and not everyone has a place to seat (they even sleep by turn); security commands prisoners to squat at the wall during opening the cells because in this pose people cannot immediately stand up and run.


This quote perfectly describes gopniks’ mentality: “Gopnik dreams to leave a jail, but never spend time there; get rid of drugs, but never have addiction; catch gonorrhea, but remain a virgin.”

Gopnik’s life ends up four ways:
– he may change lifestyle and become a normal person (the least probable);
– he gets into a jail;
– he dies because of alcochol, drugs or knife-fight;
– he turns into a complete alcoholic.


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