Beautiful Russian women

Yesterday I was asked: “What is the nature of Russian cuties?” A adore this kind of questions; it makes me ponder. There is no solid answer, but I’ll list several theories.

Before I begin, I should state the conditions of task.
We consider only exterior appearance.
We examine the fact that many foreigners find Russian women especially lovely.

These factors I managed to think out on my own:

1. Cosmetics
Russian women always wear makeup and pretty clothes. Even if woman heads to the store, she’ll spend 10-15 minutes for makeup. This causes an image of always beautiful lady.

2. Premade samples
In Internet you see only cute girls. Trust me; streets are full of tired, generic and old women.

3. Coincidence
Characteristics of Russian women randomly coincide with Europeans’ tastes.

4. Subjective point of view
Before the posting, I made a short research. This is a screenshot of what I’ve got after an attempt to google “why Russian women are”.

russian women
-why are Russian women unsightly
-why do Russian women gain weight
-why do Russian women love Turks
-why are Russian women so easy

As you see, Russians don’t consider Russian women that beautiful.
Neighbor’s grass is always greener than yours.

5. Competition among women
Russian has participated in many wars and males die significantly earlier than females. As result, quantity of women exceeds quantity of men and female competition increases.

These intriguing couple of theories was found in web:

6. “Melting pot”
Russia was mixing nations for a long time and there are many combinations of genes for any taste.

7. Negative selection
European inquisition used to claim pretty women witches and execute them, while Russia has avoided this phenomenon. Russians could call old and ugly women witch, but not a beautiful one.

Summing up, I suppose, not a single factor has determined nowadays situation, but all listed have played lesser roles.


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